Stand out in Bespoke Tweed Jackets, Waistcoats and Trousers

Putting on a well-designed and well fitted suit can elevate the spirit and also enables a man to feel a sense of worth. This is why we at ‘Tweed Jackets UK’ believe in creating bespoke jackets, waistcoats and trousers that express each man’s personality. Any clothing that fits a man to a tee is an asset that he can get used to. This is why so many men will take the trouble to go through the effort and luxury of getting something that is specially tailored for him alone.

Whether you live in the countryside or go to the office or want a comfort fit jacket to wear at home you can get exactly what you want from the choice of cloth to the design of your choice. If you like your jackets with extra pockets, want a different three buttoned or two buttoned jacket you can have it all. You can create your own individual style or have a classic jacket and waistcoat. What is important is that it should be a comfortable fit so that you enjoy wearing it.

Ordering bespoke jackets and waistcoats online might be a new trend but the effort that goes into tailoring a perfectly fitted jacket is still traditional at Tweed Jackets UK.’ You make your selection from a choice of materials like tweeds, moleskin, linen and corduroy and we ensure that we tailor it like you want it and ship it wherever in the world you want the delivery. The internet is young but our craftsmanship is old and is still carried out by hand. We still believe in dressing up a man in something that he deserves and which matches his station in life. We offer quality stitching and fitting so that the personality of the man comes through and stands out.

Unbeatable English taste in material and design matched with unbeatable style and comfort is what we stand for. As a professional company we ensure that each piece of clothing is tailored according to your requirement. We can vouchsafe that we have many customers who are fully satisfied with our services. This is because our excellent craftsmanship is evident in every garment that is stitched for every individual according to their exact measurement. You tell us the material and the style you want it stitched in and we make sure you get what you ordered.

It is a well-known fact that the higher the quality of the material the better it will drape. To ensure that your jackets and waistcoats look and feel as they should we match the canvas, the lining, the thread and buttons to give your clothing the perfect look you deserve. Go through our website to select the material, style and features you want incorporated into the design. Follow our online sizing guide that has the measurements and send them to us and we will do the rest to provide jackets, waistcoats and trousers that match your requirements.