Celebrities That Prove That Tweed Suits Are Classy

Tweed suits have certainly seen their better days. The tweed suits have now been narrowed to the dress to wear at parties, funerals and interviews. But, here are celebrities that look simply irresistible in tweed suits. These celebrities can force you for some second thoughts.


  1. Justin Timberlake : The 31 year old American singer, song writer and actor is on a suit frenzy apparently. He has been bold with his suit selection and is also called as Mr. ‘Suit and Tie’ by some.


  1. George Clooney : George Timothy Clooney needs no introduction. The 53 year old American actor when suited can make any girl sweat. It wouldn’t be extragerrating if we say that the tweed suits have earned him the title of “sexiest man alive”.


  1. Neil Patrick Harris : Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor who wore around five different types of tweed suits in the famous television series, How I met your mother. He recently gave an interview in which he revealed “I got some of the tweed suits afterward. They’re super tailored to my body, so I got like a dozen”. Isn’t that enough to prove that he loves suit ? We would end by his very popular dialog- “Nothing tweed suits me like a suit”