How Not To Wear Tweed Suits

A suit is surely one of the best things that a man can put on. A suit is the only reasonable clothing, which when done correctly can give you a perfect blend of decency and attractiveness. But, a misjudgement can result in the tailspin. Here’s what you shouldn’t do with your suit.


1. Getting way longer jackets : One of the most common mistake that guys do is they get jackets which are longer than required and look completely in coordinated. Your jacket shouldn’t be any longer than the reach of your fingertips.


2. Remove the labels : This is just so embarrassing. The labels aren’t meant to be carried along. These tags can briskly turn you in to a laughter stock. Please be warned.


3. Wearing cuffy pants : The cuffs are a gone story now. They are untrendy and they are infamous for visually shortening the legs. They also tend to flop around the ankles which is just not acceptable.