Here’s What Your Tweed Suit Says About You

Job Interview. Two words that can prove to be a nightmare for anyone. It often comes as a surprise when we see that people with great skill sets and who seemed perfect for the job are rejected and someone who was less deserving has been preferred over them. The reason behind such an incident isn’t coincidence, its diligence.

Diligence is the degree of attention you pay to a task. Being very specific, attention to details. The people who get rejected have certainly missed this point, the attention to details – Details in dressing.

Wearing a tweed suit on your job interview can hugely impact the result and wearing the right colour can even add up to it. We are sure you won’t want to risk an interview just because you didn’t wear it right. Here’s what tweed suit colour should consider wearing on your interview day.

  1. Black :

Black is one of the most risky colour to wear during an interview. It is perceived differently by different people. It is a colour that you wear to the funerals which is why some may not find it colour to wear at an interview. However, you can wear it if you have dark hair and a fair complexion. It gives a slimming effect too. It signifies authority and rudeness to an extent.


  1. Grey :

Grey is one of the most common colour that you would see people wearing for an interview.  Grey colour goes well with any complexion but people with dark complexion should try to avoid it. Grey signifies authority, professionalism and stability of mind. The colour grey also signifies youth.


  1. Blue :

Darker shades of blue are safer choices to wear at a job interview. The shades of blue, if chosen correctly would signify power. It also presents you as calm and stable. But, the blue colour also reveals that you don’t blend in easily.


  1. White

The white colour can be hard to handle, but the colour goes well when talking on the grounds of comfort and summers. The white coloured appearance would be a safe bet to place. The white colour sends signals about a person being calm, steady, peaceful and precision friendly.