Places Where A Tweed Suit Can Turn The Story In Your Favour

First impression is one crucial factor in deciding the further story. Believe it or not, the first impression can make or break your day. It is quite evident that when it comes to leaving the mark, nothing does it better than a tweed suit. The tweed suits have been at pretty high positions on the list of a man’s favourites since ages. Here’s a list of top three places or events that you simply cannot afford to show up without tweed suits on. So, tweed suit up and read on.

  1. At an interview :

A tweed suit is undoubtedly one sure way to get you some bonus points at your job interview. A tweed suit doesn’t only make you look elegant but also reflects your professionalism and seriousness towards the job. Tweed suits give you an upper-hand to the ambiance during interviews and during work. A tweed suit would also impress others at professional networking scenarios or meetings. One must never forget to wear a tie with his tweed suit during an interview.

  1. At weddings :

One ought to wear tweed suits in events like weddings. A tweed suit is more than a dress. It shows your spirit, it’s a mirror to your mood and can lay an impact on other’s first thought about you. The pants must be dark coloured and the shirt must be light coloured. The shirt can have subtle patterns until they go with the pants. It is advisable that the jacket colour should be the same as the pants.

  1. On a date :

There’s something about tweed suits that make you look responsible and dependable. Apart from making a man look responsible, a tweed suit also gives him a chance to flaunt his style sense. A girl would definitely consider a man in tweed suit over others. The tweed suit on a date must be trendy but decent. An advisable pair would be a patterned pant with simple jacket in a tweed suiting colour with a complimenting simple shirt.


These were the top three events we would have put a tweed suit on. If you agree, disagree or have more events to add on, do let us know.