How Tweed Suits Came In To Existence

Suit madness can be traced back to the 17th century when the then ruling king of England, Charles II wanted his authorities being impressed on the public. So, he made his authorities wear something called tweed suits. The acceptance of tweed suits then swung like a pendulam until the Edwardian era. In early 1900, lounge tweed suits started making their place in shops. But, it was until 1920, when an outburst in the demand for tweed suits was seen. The tweed suits were now tailored for everyone. The tweed suits which once drew a line between high borns and common people were now pride of everyone’s wardrobe. The trousers used to be cuffed which later in 1940s took a turn towards being high-waisted. The post world-war II tweed suits, due to abundance of cloth, had a bulky effect on the jackets. However, the actual inventors of the modern day suit are undoubtedly Italian who came up with the fit suit in 1960s.